Vita Plus Logo

The official logo of the Vita Plus project is a stylized Latin inscription of the word "vita", which means life and symbolizes the presentation of expertise, as a result of research in the fields of "Life Sciences" - chemistry, physics, biology and related: biochemistry, biophysics and biotechnology. The "plus" sign symbolizes the inclusion of expertise in the general research work on the project in the fields of humanities: economic, social, sociological, legal and educational sciences. Moreover - both the whole inscription and the "plus" sign - are colored in green and this is a desired effect of a direct association of the work of the project team with the provision of "scientific assistance" to improve the functioning of public systems and create positive attitudes to environmental protection through the introduction of the paradigm of bioeconomy and biotechnology in the country. The slogan of the project is written in Latin - Vita Plus est quam Scientia and means: "Life is more than science".